Going to Extremes…

Going to Extremes…

Going to Extremes…

?><?><?ARE YOU AN EXTREMIST?><?><?

Wether living in a tent in the Rockies for 8 months… putting myself through extreme physical and mental challenges, or just wanting to be the absolute best at what I do..Ive always been called an EXTREMIST….Billie Joel sang…..”I don’t know why i go to extremes, Too high or Too low, There ain’t no in betweens.–If I stand or I fall. Its all or nothing at all.”

Michael Jackson sang ..”Its too high to get over- yeah yeah….Too low to get under–yeah yeah….Your STUCK in the middle–yeah yeah….And the Pain is Thunder.

Yeah….most people are stuck.. Stuck in the middle-Stuck, -Bored, -Frustrated..going round in round trying to find balance… A work life balance.. balanced diet .balanced lifestyle …. but the “Pain is Thunder”— because we all know deep down that nothing great was ever born in balance… Everyone you admire, everyone you look up to, or anyone who inspires you lives a life massively out of balance.

Kobe Bryant sleeps 4 hours a night and is the first one on… and the last one off the practice court. You think Tiger Woods ..Muhammad Ali.. or any great athlete- writer -politician, business person, humanitarian… lead a life of balance?? No. How could they. It is impossible.

People often talk of a perfect day..or a perfect life… stop shooting for that … its best to focusing on improving your ideal self..your character, your ability, your skills, your talents you ability, your impact, your creation, your contribution, your evolution…..That path my friend will require intensity and focus..not balance. That will lead to a great life.

Yes a perfect life will not be with out challenges….The size of the hero will be determined by the size of the antagonist.

Bruce Lee said “I wish not for an easy life..but the strength to endure a challenging one.”

Napoleon Hill said strength grows out of struggle….

No great person, business, or team focuses on balance.. .So if you are unbalanced right now… Thats good… A balanced and “perfect life” should never be the goal.

For the athlete…there is time to prepare ..to practice-… Then there is a time to play the game….then time to heal and repair.. All different phases…Just as there are different phases of training that enhance performance..There are different phases of your life in which you must be “All in” if you want to grow. Balanced approaches are not talked about in sports or business because its all about pushing past barriers. All of us on the path to greatness have adopted a life out of balance as a necessity.

I just started listening to a guy names Lewis Howes and his School of Greatness podcast… He interviews many people who are great at what they do… None talk about a balanced life that got them to where they are…. and so it must be for you if you are to achieve greatness.. They talk of the highs the lows >>and the wins and the losses>>> the extremes always.. in all ways.

I equate a balanced life to driving across Nebraska…no peaks ..no valleys…just flat… dull… and boring….(sorry if you live in Nebraska)

If its not broke…break it.
Because what works today will not work a year from now.. Records will be broken by seeking the new and expanded view.. Balanced businesses will be out of business. Just like the tides..there is a flow to relationships, business, emotions, health and life…Balancing your life is like trying to balance the weather… Realize there will be rainy days> hot days> storms> floods> earthquakes> and hurricanes>… Breaking limits takes a Tidal Wave of effort> discipline> passion> drive> and >focus>…<not balance<… The ones who seek balanced get crushed by the wave… The ones who seek greatness ride the wave. They are the ones make waves… They invest the time in effort to learn how to swim and surf..while others drown.

A great life comes from a life filled with magical moments..Those moments will be times where your life is most often massively out of balance. You have a kid=life out of balance. You start a new biz=life out of balance. Have a presentation to prepare for in front of 6,000 people( I stayed up all night )…your prep will pull your life out of balance You go on an adventure anywhere= your life will be out of balance. You get the idea.
Its in the highest of highs where your life roars…you get exhilaration…peak experiences that you remember forever and excite you.


Its in the lowest of lows where you ponder, where you gain new insight… you get determined…you gain perspective, experience wisdom, character.

If your life is perfectly balanced, then your life is perfectly boring. There is no passion in a good relationship > there is no inspiration in a good performance> Good is the enemy of great.. and a balanced life is a good life….Not a great life. There are no books written about the good or the balanced…Greatness calls for great focus..great intensity, great amounts of time and effort… None of this relates to balance

Nothing great is born in balance.

If you want a good life…Go for balance… If you want to be great..realize sacrifices must be made… The sooner you you become ok with that fact… The more greatness you will experience in your life…Make your life one of greatness.

Notes from THN a book by Eli Wilhide

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Download the Top 5 lessons I've learned after a decade of mentorship with Tony Robbins and 2 billionaires!

Download the Top 5 lessons I've learned after a decade of mentorship with Tony Robbins and 2 billionaires!

Check your email to confirm your address, my FREE guide will be on the way shortly thereafter! Thanks for subscribing!