Eli Wilhide

I think its important to know about the people you work with.

So here is a bit…About me:

Born and raised in Maryland.  Went to school at the University of Maryland College Park to study Kinesiology and Nutrition.  When I was 2 yrs old my father was put in a wheelchair from a car accident. He went on to win 168 trophies and medals from bench press and bodybuilding competitions– while in a wheelchair.  Most kids at school where playing baseball or basketball with their fathers, but that wasn’t an option for us…So my dad’s love for weight training and a young boy’s admiration for his father quickly led to days and nights of weight training myself.  Despite my skinny frame and arms that come down to my knees (seriously), I won several bench press competitions as a teen and I still love to push the limits. After school I moved to Colorado, I took physical challenges out of the weight room and into the mountains.  After a year in Fort Collins, I decided to move into the Rockies outside of Boulder where I lived in a tent for 8 months and hiked around the mountains.

I learned a lot about myself in that time. I fell in love with nature, the sky, alone time, and reading books.  I never planned on going to college because it just wasn’t in the financial cards for us…but because of a miracle (story below)… I was able to go. It wasn’t until my time alone… and the desire to impress a girl came, that I fell in love with books.  Shortly after my 23rd birthday I moved to LA where I got a job in sales.  I started reading self development books, and was introduced to NLP and how we can enhance our lives by changing our communication (with others and with ourselves).  4 years into my personal development journey, I went to an Anthony Robbins event. I wrote down in my journal that first day of the event that I would partner with Mr. Robbins and make him my personal mentor ..It took me exactly 1 year to the day…I was living with his son and his brother in law and had moved up in his company very quickly.

I left the company after 3 years to act… had some success…but got quite ill from a parasite, lost 65 lbs in a matter of weeks, and the bills stacked up.  Tony literally saved my life…. I came back to work for him after a 2 year break. That first year back, I worked half the week, and laid in bed the other half the week.  But, despite the physical challenges, I used the tools I learned form Tony as well as his coaching and advice to break records in his company working only half the time.  He created an award in my name for his company that recognizes the person who has made the biggest difference in his organization and it still stands.  Tony and his family continue to be great friends to this day.

It wasn’t until after some time coaching a few very successful coaches in my spare time that I got the thought of doing it full time.  I appreciate the challenge and there isn’t much I haven’t seen in the past decade.  I feel blessed to have acquired the tools that I have and I love helping my clients breakthrough with new insights, perspective, and the tools to bring about positive changes in their lives.

And this is what brings us here today.  I coach, write, own a small supplement company, help develop major brands, and enjoy life here in Los Angeles with some great friends and mentors…The learning never stops.

Thank you for reading,  




Like most of you– I grew up with more than a few challenges in life. At the age of 2 my father was put in a wheelchair from a car accident. Finances were always tough and we lived on the less privileged side town in Denton, Maryland . Our house was a duplex that my father bought for less than $5,000. Dad was a prideful man who, just having lost the use of his legs, often made the emotional environment of our home less than pleasant. Mom worked 2-3 jobs at a time waiting tables.

The stress of the home got to be too much for my mom and she reluctantly took an angry confused child way from his father. She didn’t want me to grow up without a father figure so we always stayed close, moving from town to town. That’s typically how life went for us… school year with mom, summers with dad. I was quiet… but I was awkward. I was a victim of various forms of abuse in my childhood, from physical, to emotional to sexual.

These early traumas left me shy, angry, and confused, often acting out in violence. I rarely opened my mouth to speak until my early teens and I became the good kid who often got mixed up with the bad crowd. I respect my mother more and more every time I think of all she had to deal with while raising me. By sophomore year of high school I began to work out, play sports and develop the first real friendships of my life. I didn’t feel invisible anymore and I was breaking out of my shell. Then, one night, my mom came home just as she always did around 9 pm, and had a serious talk with me… Things had not been going well at work… we were behind on the rent and were about to be evicted… She told me that I would soon have to move in with my father…and she didn’t know what she was going to do with herself.

The next few days had a somber tone..and each night when mom would come through the door I could feel the energy get heavier. A few nights after our talk I was on the phone with my friend, Dave Scarano. Needing a good cheer up session… we talked about dreams. “If you could date any girl…Who would it be??? If you could drive any car??..Live anywhere??? we talked and dreamed like little kids…as if anything was possible. Then I felt the door slam shut in our little duplex home on 4th st.

Only on this night my mom came in ….BEAMING with CONFIDENCE. And she said….”Eli—When you get off the phone…I need to talk to you about something.”

Her eyes looked right through me…Her shoulders back…She was vibrant….It was weird. Dave said, “Whoa.” I said “Whoa”. What on Earth could it be?

I went down stairs and found my mom sitting at the kitchen table. Calm, poised, confident. She told me to sit. She looked at me for the longest time. Put her hand on my knee and gripped it tight. She began to get emotional, tear up, and then she began to speak. She said that the day I was born she knew I was an angel and that because of me, great things are going to happen, because of me- her angel- great things were going to happen for us -and for the world. She goes on like this for several minutes and I’m thinking “SHIT!!-My mom has gone insane!!! I ask mom…what the hell is going on???

She says “Eli- I just won the lottery!!!!! And its all because of you. You’re going to go to school…I’m going to go to school….We’re going to make it!

Because my mom is the sweetest person in the world…she gave away 75% of it. We both did graduate college, and we both continue to make it… Not because of luck… But because of BELIEF.

Now, I can not promise that each of you will win the lottery. But I do believe that it is darkest just before the dawn. I do believe that each of us has a winning ticket to all that we want inside of us…I do believe in miracles, I do believe that good things come to good people, I do believe that we are all guided, I do believe in hope, I do believe in everyone I meet.

If you will just believe… really believe… through your darkest moments and your deepest pain… have faith in a better tomorrow….Great things will come into your life. I believe in you. 
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