The Yoga of having things your way

the cofounder of the hip-hop music label DEF JAM and the creator of several clothing fashion lines BURST INTO MY YOGA CLASS Sunday 7 minutes late….. He unapologetically asked that others move their matts as he took a spot right in the front. He wasn’t rude… he was just focused on his goal of showing up to improve his health. The next several minutes I moved about my matt lost in thought. How many times had i missed class because I was going to be a little late… afraid of being rude… or being judged. How many times have I had an excuse in my life not to take what I wanted for fear of being judged by judgmental people…or stuck judging myself? Some may say he was allowed to get what he wanted because he is rich and famous. However, I believe it is because a person allows him/herself to go after what he/she wants that they become rich, famous, happy, prosperous… or what ever else they want. How often do we let the smallest thing stop us from having what we want?… from going to the concert, from asking for the date, asking or the sale, demanding the raise, or demanding more out of life? How often do we let ourselves off he hook because we’re a little late and say why even try, why even show up…. Some of you have a cheat meal then give up on your diet… give up on your whole program. You know how you can keep yourself from starting over again??? Stop giving up. Stop letting little things… or even... read more


Tony Robbins asked me a question one day as I was marketing and selling his seminars….He asked, “Who is our competition?” I thought for a moment… EW:Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar? Tony: That’s sales, and motivation stuff. This company isn’t about inspiration..Its about transformation. REAL usable tools that ANYONE can use to make changes in there Performance and Phycology IMMEDIATELY. EW: Hmmm… PSI, Landmark, MITT? Tony: Our company is endorsed by Princess Diana 3 american Presidents, members of congress the us army, the marines, General Schwarzkopf Michael Jordan, Movie stars etc. I’m rated as one for the top 6 business intellectuals in the world by American Express…. and none of those programs do you see the level of raving fan where people are our of their minds on chairs jump on up and down..laughing crying EW: Wow. Very true. Ahhh…. T. Harv Eker. Tony: Who??? “Envy is ignorance, Imitation is Suicide.” – Emerson Whenever I would get 1 on 1 time with TR I’d ask a boat load of questions. Some general, some specific, some personal. Over the years I figured out the core of how he has destroyed the competition by making it irrelevant. This mental operating system that Tony processes the world through has made him all that he is and is the core of his success. I’ve been consistently applying these principals in my own life and business over the past year and the results have been phenomenal. Once you learn this process modeling the success of others will become less important to you. Emerson also said, “In my walks, every man I meet is my superior... read more

((((((((Modeling others to become more Successful)))))))))))

While its true that you don’t want to reinvent the wheel on your journey to success…Realize, this can be a double edged sword. All too often I see grown adults take on the personality traits of another hoping to gain similar results. When modeling the success patterns of another it important to keep in mind this critical fact: What made that person successful is their originality, they’re differences, uniqueness, and the bravery to be themselves–fully. You have the same uniqueness in you. It can not, and should not be modeled or copied. The most important pattern of success you need to model form those who have come before you is the courage to be yourself. “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself. Do not go out and find a successful personality and try to duplicate it.- Bruce Lee No one has your gifts, experiences, story, talents, skills, or ability. Don’t fit the mold….Break it! Thx for reading. Time to plan the week)) EW Share... read more

Working out with improper form….

I see a lot of videos on FB where folks are WORKING OUT WITH IMPROPER FORM in a way that some call “funny”. Instead of taking out your phone and shooting a video…posting it and getting some laughs. You should go over and help that person. Show them proper form. You would be doing him/her a big favor, and you would prevent possible injury. The feeling you get from helping another human being would be much more lasting than a couple cheap chuckles. If the person is not open to listen to you…Remember, the quality of your communication is the response that you get. If you get a negative response..Then you need to look at the quality of your communication. Take responsibility for others in need and you will grow stronger than if you do that last drop set. Instead drop down to help another human being….Lift others up with your knowledge, insight,and empathy. Don’t focus on bigger biceps…focus on being a bigger person. If you communicate with compassion, patience, kindness and, warm you will make a difference. That is what we are made for. Lift others up.. and you will find TRUE STRENGTH….. Making fun of others is weak and is the most improper form of all. Remember…its not the chest or bicep of a champion. It is the HEART OF A CHAMPION. Big LOVE) EW Share... read more


THESE ALL MUST WORK TOGETHER IN A HOLISTIC FASHION. 1. STRATEGIES AND TACTICS— These are skills sets. i.e.- sales skills, dating skills, SEO etc 2 ACTIVIES- Simply taking the right amount of action to move you forward toward your goals. 3. MINDSET- Belief in yourself- attitude, prescience, ability to overcome adversity, confidence etc If you have a great mindset… and are motivated … but have no real skills… then you are what we call a motivated idiot. This is 90% of people who leave a Tony Robbins seminar. >Sorry folks. >If you want to be the best computer technician in the world but you have never worked on computers…no amount of “pump up” or affirmation is going to make you great. Get some skills. On the flip side… If you are great at something…(and everyone is better than they think at something)….But you have no confidence in yourself….Well, you won’t show up powerfully..or at all. And lastly…All top performers Take MASSIVE DETERMINED ACTION> If you have a skill set and You sit around and read all these motivation books..–You go to seminars- listen to audio books (YES- I’M TALKING TO YOU HERE) But you do not fully apply what you have learned or take little to no action…. Then you have wasted your Time and Money….Go see a movie instead. Put it all together my friends…. No one is perfect and we need to look at all three together. What do you need to focus on more this week??? Your skills/Strategies?? Your Activity level??? Or your Mindset???? Get to it…. Do the thing… Know the thing…believe in the thing... read more


“What should I do with my life?” and “What is my life purpose?” Yet you probably have asked yourself these crappy questions a thousand times. Your answer… Just like 99% of everyone else is…. I DONT KNOW, OR IM NOT SURE. These questions will stress you out….Its too BIG..its overwhelming… furthermore your life and your life’s purpose is always evolving.. If its not… then you are not evolving… you are not living.. not living a true purpose…not living life. Life is not a fixed target to hit…not a destination….Goals are. But life is not a goal to be achieved… It is meant to be lived. ITS DYNAMIC. You will experience ups and downs… You will feel lost and you will feel found. Your life purpose will change over time. The more experiences you have the more clear it will be. These experiences will change you. Some for the better…some for the worse…but that will be your choice. The problem for most is.. You think you need to find your life’s purpose …then do that. This is backwards. You need to take a lot of action… and through those experiences… your purpose/s will unfold to you— ) Knowing when to evolve and change your course based on new information/experiences… or deciding to “stay the course” is a question I work with many of my clients on …..There is no magic cookie cutter answer there…. stop looking for it. You need to learn from the examples of someone who has been where you are … and is where you want to be. But also….You need to quit looking outward for the... read more


Imagine you have the opportunity to hang with Tony Robbins for 3 days in Fiji, go to a luncheon with the Dali Lama, and have a meet and greet with Bill Clinton all in the same month for free. And you don’t hesitate to say NO to all 3 “opportunities” We recognize those names because of what these great men have created in their lives. Napoleon Hill called it “Definiteness of Purpose”. When you are so focused on your mission everything else will seem meaningless. Gary Keller calls it “The One Thing” (great book). Know what you want to create and learn how to politely say no to everything else…and everyone else. The month I had these 3 invitations I said NO…I also received 68 additional lunch invites with folks asking for some version of “picking my brain”. Some were offended and there persistence only lead me to never want to meet them. I’m focused on developing my coaching business lately and so I reached out to 4 coaches last week who charge 50-100k per client. I’m extremely interested in how they attract that level of client. —-All 4 offered to help me—-I did not ask. I approached each of them with the same level of respect I would give the President. And they responded. I never once asked them for anything… not even to meet because I realize how valuable their time is…. Realize anyone with whom you want to meet…lots of other people probably want to meet as well. Successful people have a clear outcome for everything they do…. They’re definite in their purpose.. This is why... read more


Alfred Nobel was a chemist who created 350 patents in his life time…amongst those the most popular was TNT (dynamite). In 1888 Alfred’s brother died in an accident and the news papers published Alfred’s obituary in error. Alfred read his own obituary in horror. The headline read “”THE MERCHANT OF DEATH IS DEAD””. Alfred’s invention of dynamite did in fact lead to the death of 100’s of thousands of people, but he said then and there : “This is not how I want to be remembered, This not who I am, This is not my legacy, This isn’t what I want my impact on the world to be.” SO HE CHANGED HIS STORY… and with it he changed HISTORY. In 1895 he created the Nobel peace prize which today gives away over 100 million dollars a year to promote world peace. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What do you want your legacy to be? Release the past. Surender to the real you. The big you. Love and accept yourself. Create space within yourself that will allow you to grow, evolve, and prosper. Life is yours for the making. Create your powerful legacy today. Love, Eli Share... read more
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