***Habit Myths- Routines- Accountability- Standards &&& —THE CONVERSATION THAT CHANGES YOUR LIFE.***

***Habit Myths- Routines- Accountability- Standards &&& —THE CONVERSATION THAT CHANGES YOUR LIFE.***

barrier***Habit Myths- Routines- Accountability- Standards &&& —THE CONVERSATION THAT CHANGES YOUR LIFE.***


Well- I hope so. But have you ever forgotten.? Ever? Has something happened? You Woke up late?—You Had an emergency? Been in an Emotional funk? Been curled up with your lover?…Or just been in such a rush that you didn’t do it? I used to forget every Christmas morning…My Mom would have to remind me…lol

We’ve all been taught that habits are these “things” that we do for 21 or 30 days 60 days…then they just become “automatic” for life. This is simply not true.

I bet you had habits in the past- Good habits- that you No Longer have. Especially if you played high school or college sports. You worked out..you ate right ..you made fitness and athletic goals..you couldn’t go 4 hours in the day without looking in a mirror ..stepping on a scale..or measuring your progress in some area. You were given grades- scores- marks- you were tested amongst your peers and you sought to better yourself..to win and to improve. Maybe it was a reading habit, -a self love habit- a nutritional habit -or a meditation habit that you had that you used to live and die by… And now —-maybe you’ve been caught up. Nights of reading, journaling, exercising, quality time and self mastery have become nights on networking, of late-night dinners and a few too many drinks that ruin or take away form a productive morning. Or perhaps its late night TV, internet obsession, Facebook following, gossip etc.

“We are what we repeatedly do”… -Aristotle

So…Who are you today? Are you someone who has raised their standards?… Who has committed to growth like a religion ??? Or like so many -have you forgotten those prized rituals?….Have you forgotten to floss, have you taken you 2 minute brushing session down to 30 seconds??? What standards have you lowered because you were too busy, too stressed, or too “caught up”?

Routines- rituals standards- habits… these are all sign post pointing in the direction of Self Mastery. Excellence- Peak Performance- Preparation – Readiness and Yes….—-YOUR FULL POTENTIAL AS HUMAN BEING.

Routines and habits..no mater how good, how necessary or how long they have been practiced are also always subject to entropy— Always at the whim of an over packed schedule. Often too easily we let the discipline of our habits fall off due to stress, time constraints, travel, being “social”, our changing body, responsibilities, falling standards and the demands of the day.

Physical body exercise standards-and rituals
Nutritional standards- and rituals
Emotional standards- and rituals
Financial standards and rituals
Self love and Self respect Standards…
Realtionship stndards…
Communication standards…
Spiritual standards and Rituals

All of these Rituals and Standards are supported by habits and routines. Pathways to power. Of these, 2 need to be in place strongly. These are your Morning and Evening Rituals. These are the cornerstones upon which all of the above rely.

So if your habits— and therefore your standards have fallen off…. Why? And how do we not just get them back but raise them higher than ever before? How do we raise our standards right freaking now??? How do we implement new routines and habits? How do we change? How do we make the shift???

To show you a POSITIVE FUTURE -We will first look at your POSITIVE PAST. How have you made positive changes before? Where did you first acquire those good habits? And what made you forget to brush your teeth..what made you forget your standards, what robbed you of your growth..your commitment to constant and never ending improvement- what was it that broke your pattern? What did you allow to lower your standards? What needs to change now? Why are you committed to change it? And What is the plan of action now??

“If something is broke we got to put a little fix’n on it. If something is lost, we gotta fight to get it back again!” Eddie Vedder -Pearl Jam -The Fixer

These are good questions for you to ponder…And not just ponder…But actually Answer- and Implement—into new routines.

The conversation that changes your life***

In the past- The conversation that changed your life and raised your standards could have been a seminar – (UPW_ DWD- Landmark etc) it could have been a coach,(Life Biz, Health, Sport Coach) It could have been a friend- It could have been watching a sporting event..It could have been watching a movie like Rocky!!! It could have ben a conversation with your self where you got fed up… disgusted with yourself… not to beat your self up but you said WHO I AM AS A WOMAN/MAN—-IS MUCH MORE THAN THIS- GOD HAS PUT ME HERE ON THIS PLANET FOR A REASON..I’VE GOT TO STEP THE F@CK UP AND DO SOMETHING— IM BETTER THAN THIS. You tapped into that determination and that faith and you turned it all around. YOU SET A NEW STANDARD. From that new standard you supported it with new routines, and habits.

If you have not yet had he conversation with your self- or if you have seen the movies, read the books -gone to all the seminars ..—- and your still not “getting it” Well then maybe you would like to have that conversation with a friend and/or a coach.

I don’t see who you think you are-or even as you see your self—- I see the living breathing possibility of where you are meant to be. I want to hold space for you there and speak to you as if you are there already. Like new clothes to fit into. I have already mentally tossed out the the garments that do not fit this real you- the best you. You need to hold this space for yourself- This is the True meaning of “act is if.” You are bigger than any problem, larger than any fear. You are stronger than and old habits that may have bound you. Your story is far from over….Your bright tomorrow is re-created moment to moment in the all powerful NOW.

If you’re open to coaching and can afford it… hire one. Or up you discipline until you can. If its not for you to be coached- …then Youtube is a great resource. Watch a Tony Robbins or Brian Tracy video every day.. And do the exercises. Create a powerful morning and evening routine for yourself. I’ll post what I do personally soon. I hope it will serve you in some way.

Ive just added Priming to my morning routine. Btw…I was so pumped up after I did it this morning…I ran outside..and yes…I did in fact forget to brush my teeth. But I have since. Thank you Jason)

And thank you for reading this. Yes you)



PS—As we get older, our bodies and hormones change, our number of responsibilities and stress increase, free time lessens, and people change. None of this has anything to do with your standards or your personal commitment to CANI. Raise your standards- Be the best and strongest version of yourself. Nothing is more important than the full, evolving, growing amazing full expression of your soul. Nothing is worth more than yourself worth…invest in you…Take care of yourself. Love yourself.
Have the conversation…with a friend, a coach or with yourself….Schedule it now)
Contact me if you would like to inquire about coaching with me. I have a 5 part process that will help you breakthrough to any goal.

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Download the Top 5 lessons I've learned after a decade of mentorship with Tony Robbins and 2 billionaires!

Download the Top 5 lessons I've learned after a decade of mentorship with Tony Robbins and 2 billionaires!

Check your email to confirm your address, my FREE guide will be on the way shortly thereafter! Thanks for subscribing!