((((ONENESS)))) EW VERSION))))>>>>)))))>>>)))>>))>)>0

((((ONENESS)))) EW VERSION))))>>>>)))))>>>)))>>))>)>0

((((ONENESS)))) EW VERSION))))>>>>)))))>>>)))>>))>)>0


If the tittle above appeals to you… then I want to start by saying I have a deep level of respect for you

You see- I started out on a journey about 15 years ago..to make my life better… I journeyed deep an wide down a road called “SELF DEVELOPMENT”
Since then I have gained a about an expanded level of self… and If you really grasp the words in this post.. i believe it will improve not just your life… but life itself

A few years back on my self development journey I was introduced to a term called ONENESS. This is a concept that basically explains and brings conscious awareness to the energy that exist in all people, and in all things both physical and non physical throughout the entire universe an beyond

If you have ever had a moment where you have been lost in the beauty of a song, a sunset, felt deep love for humanity you have experienced this level connection called oneness.. Most of us only have glimpses, then our conscious mind kicks in and brings us back to our physical reality.. and that’s ok…but understand that we create boundaries.. boundaries around our selves and all that we see… we make judgements based on good or bad often times cutting ourselves off from what we perceive as foreign …Through this process of labeling we separate ourselves from that deep connection to all things and all people. This is the opposite of ONENESS

I believe the left or or logical side of your brain kicks in and separates us to protect us so that our emotional right brain doesn’t set us up for disaster and leave us completely vulnerable and unprotected (often when I coach someone who has recently experienced some loss… i see that their left brain is overanalyzing everything i say…. trying to protect them- it can be a process just to break through the wall at times) ….The fact is we need both… But- for the purpose of this discussion… HOW can we allow our left brain to pull its guard down at times so that we can experience more of that state of deep connection to our world …. gain insight an understanding about ourselves, nature, humanity, sprit, society..etc… on all levels on all planes of existence.

This what i will attempt do do here in the words that follow.

As i began on my journey of Self Development..it was just that…the development of myself. And this is an absolutely necessary stage of development and must be the foundational work that you consistently do to be self sufficient, self content, self empowered and relate to other humans and connect powerfully in the physical world…
You see, this is a huge jump for most people..as you look around the world.. most humans can not speak up for them selves, take care of themselves, defend them delve, support themselves ,etc — To do this successfully is not selfish…it is necessary if you every want to truly access higher states of awareness in my opinion. No one really likes a martyr, and to be selfless is to have no self respect or true identity- again ..my opinion.

“The hight of the pinnacle is determined by the breadth of the foundation.”

You are that foundation- you can not give something to another if you do not possess it yourself… I can not give you a $ if i do not have a $… No more than i can give you confidence, I f i have no self-confidence… I can not make another feel secure, until i feel secure within myself.. and so it is with you and yourself.

Self development is a process however… not a destination.. you must never loose sight of your journey along this road. making your self better- physically, finically, emotionally, intellectually- this is a good thing. Don’t let anyone tell you different. you cannot build upon a weak foundation… and the higher you desire to ascend to in life the more stable, deep and wide will have to be your foundation. This level of self …is that foundation.
Lastly however, If you life is all about you, then others will feel that. You will live a pretty lonely existence…even if you say you stand for something and support some great cause… people will see right through you. It all starts with you …but don’t let it end there. Make a stand in the world….center yourself stand firm and tall upon your own two feet … but let your vision and your reach extend far beyond you.

Imagine a moment of you life where you felt so connected to another human being… maybe your child..a lover.. or even a great friend. When you connected to someone else – an individual at this level of depth where their pain becomes your pain…their joy becomes your joy. Its as if they have become an extension of yourself– and they have)))…. In some way you are responsible for them… RESPONSE-ABLE.. as in able to respond. Your level of connection with this other human-. This love is something most us us have experienced at some point in our lives and it was or is most likely the source of your greatest pleasure..as well as your greatest pain in you life.
Life no longer becomes just about you… your life , your purpose, and your life meaning is intertwined with another. *Warning at this stage however.. if yo lose your sense of self here.. and forget about the first level.. then your life will become ALL about that other person ( that lover, parent, child , sibling etc) ..they will eventually lose some respect for you…. ultimately…. you will set your self up for great pain. Be vulnerable, be connected, be loving but, don’t forget who you are..never stop developing your self..this will add to those you love..not take away..in a relationship of this sort…1+1 does not equal 2… the number can be infinitely multiplied based on the depth with in yourselves and the love you not only give..but the love you create.

“I would die for you. But i cannot and will not live for you” Howard Roark/Ayn Rand

Now think about a highly respected company with a great mission like Apple computers. Or perhaps an organization creating awareness toward some cause….Tony Robbins community, a spiritual community, a church, an group of some sort. At this level you become deeply connected to people of similar values, goals and ideals. You work to strengthen the mission and understanding of the collective to expand awareness of your community and enroll people to an end related to the mission of that company or organization. Think about a great company you have worked for or owned–where you cared about, and put your time and energy into that organization. Maybe your church, or perhaps a business. There is a level of responsibility that you have taken on here as the owner or member of this community where you are emotionally connected to and emotionally effected by this group at the level of self. If there is a large success in this organization.. you feel the joy.. If there is a big screw up..you feel the pain. You have expanded that level of self beyond you and your family to the community level…you are one with the mission and ideals of this group. You are intimately connected to the point of being effected .. You are one with this level.

Next is the level outside of the community. At the this level you not only feel connected to strangers with like values..you feel a level of deep connection with a larger group that may differ from you completely. Ideally this is a government official such as a mayor or president (IDEALLY 
Here all communities, all families, all individuals are taken in to account and you feel responsible.. Not only are you affected by society..your actions are aligned in a way in which you effect or at least attempt to effect society. Recall here that this means you feel called to act, communicate and respond with every thought word and action with the intent to make the lives better of all of the above. You are so intimately connected to a very large member of communities. You aim here may be to bring about harmony within the society . you are able to create systems and your life’s purpose brings about peace and understanding amongst these groups to make life better at this level. Mayor Giuliani would be a great example of this …or certain presidents may come to mind for you.

While we all may have experienced moments of this..few people in history have ever truly lived the majority of their lives here.
Names hat come to mind are Nelson Mandella, Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and the Dali Lama
These rare and unique individuals live/ lived their lives with a responsibility to the affects of humanity. They literally absorbed and took personal responsibility for the pain in the world with their words and actions —then they transmuted that pain in to higher levels of consciousness for all of humanity.
They consistently made a stand in the world for absolute strangers that they will never see or meet. Their lives and the mission they were/are attached to as well as their expanded level of self connected to all of humanity was felt on some level by all of the world in their life time and will be felt for lifetimes to come.
When someone communicates on this level.. .with or without words…this person’s expanded level of self leaves you feeling touched moved an inspired to be more and do more. You feel healed at some level- and you life is better for it.

And yes, there are levels beyond the physical plane in which we live. No doubt you have met folks at this level too. But this can be a tricky level to understand because of where it is found. Perhaps you have had moments of this your self as well. Deep meditation practices will get you there… or perhaps an experience with a drug… Personally I have experienced several of these “moments”. (non drug induced) I literally felt myself evaporate in to thin air. I become unconscious of my body and literally had the ability to move throughout the universe with my intentions. I lost all track of time and my identity as I know myself to be. I was just pure energy. Pure potential…Like a lucid dream with out a sense of self out all.

Ive met many folks who have experienced this as well… and my only problem here with people who are always trying to access this level is this… —While i do believe this level does exists…it is not grounded in the physical plane…and therefore it is not grounded in physical reality.
How often have you met someone dressed like a hippy talking about mediation and spiritual awareness…meanwhile they can t support them selves or take care of themselves..this person has lost track of the first level..(((the level of SELF))). No one likes a loon. And it shard to connect with the airy fairy sometimes…. This of course is a gross generalization ..I get that but most of you know what i’m talking about..its just a simple reminder here that as you expand your sense of self.. as you fall in love.. as you are inspired by a mission, a community, a society and higher.—Do not lose sense of yourself.. Do not forget who you are.. and where you are —go deep then go wide… not just wide.


How do we check in??… How do we go deep and then wide? How do we access higher levels of awareness, become one, and attract to ourselves favorable circumstances for this expanded version of ourselves ???

Here’s how I do it…. Hope this helps you)

While this is snot exactly how it is….it is however a good representation that your conscious left brain mind will be able to accept and pass on to your emotional brain. This visual representation of self, this awareness and understanding …may just let your logical left brain chill out…awareness is a big part of transformation for this reason. After you left brain acknowledges the above …. it will stop protecting you and allow some of this right brain emotional stuff to sink in ..))).
Your concuss mind is there to protect you.. it serves as the guard a the gate. Now if your left brain and conscious mind are satisfied…. read on to learn how to access higher states of awareness, feel more fully connected, more fully alive, purposeful, powerful, and ever expanding

Energy, God, Infinite intelligence – these all relate to the same thing… Creation.

With in you is the power to create an the power to destroy.

So how do we understand, utilize, and yield this power at the highest level in to our daily lives where this isn’t just some mental construct, a cute little understanding….NO…We need to make this a part of our daily living practice and create more of what we want starting now….So HOW)??

Glad you asked;-)

There are 7 chakras or energy centers within you now. THE ROOT- THE SACRAL- THE SOALR PLEXUS- THE HEART- THE THROAT- THE BROW (or 3rd eye), AND – THE CROWN ( Imagine this one pointed right at the sky, up to the heavens)

BTW- I’ll write more on chakras if i get a lot of questions about it)

If you communicate for a living ( and we all do at some level) pay close attention to the following..>>>

Opening each of these energy centers is key to you ability to be effective and powerfully on this physical plane.

Now for you logical mind to process this… here is how I imagine it to be…

I think of my body and my being as an antenna. The word I use to anchor myself into alignment is this. >>>>> CONGRUENCY

Congruency at its most basic level is defined to be….ALIGNMENT

Now imagine the unimpeded flow of energy through you … from your root chakra up through your energy centers and plugged into higher levels of consciousness –
When I talk to very successful speakers or humanitarians.. They always say something to this effect>>>

” I thank God for the message that has used me”

You see they do not take credit for what has come through them..they feel humble and grateful to the message that has used them..they are just a channel …they feel as if the thoughts and deeds that they have been credited with where guided from a place beyond the level of SELF….they are tapped in to a expanded creative level of self here and they are able to channel infinite intelligence.

“Every time i speak, God is listening and history is recording my words” Bono (U2)

BTW—one of my favorite quotes.

So now back to you…..How do we straighten out your ANTENNA?? How do we prime the essence of you being for expansion and plug you in to the source of creation so that creative God energy ..that which you already are is focused toward creative means making the world better along with every aspect of your SELF?????

How do you become aligned in a way that the energy of the universe flows through you and you feel connected to source energy??.. How Do you become ONE with that energy?? How do you experience more of the state called “ONENESS”????


Here are the check points to congruency and alignment with in your self..so that yo may access higher levels of awareness and creation.

1. Definite Purpose connected to something out side of yourself
2. Thoughts in alignment with that purpose
3 Words in alignment with that purpose
4 Feeling/emotions in alignment with that purpose
5 Relationships in alignment with that purpose
6 Beliefs in alignment with that purpose( and no conflicting beliefs)
7 Actions in alignment with that purpose
8 Be able to answer the question…. WHAT DO I STAND FOR? / WHO AM I?

When this happens – the Antenna in you becomes aligned along with your energy centers))).. You are able to down load information form infinite intelligence .. You are in an externally focused state where ideas come through you.. You no longer live inside your head..you are connected to your own words and you connect those words to mission and people around you..these words and actions are sparked by your purpose and fueled by creative power that is not just in you -but of you- around you -through you -beyond you.—. this is living on purpose..this is connection to the one energy that is in all things…..This is an expanded level of self with all People Places and
Things at all Times on all Levels>>>>= ONENESS)))))

But how often do you see for example -a man say “i want to be a millionaire” — you see his words are one place…how ever his actions are in another(((

How often do you see someone with the desire to be in great shape…and while their thoughts and words in one place…actions in a different place((((

Or someone with lofty dreams an goals….but emotionally they are all over the place(((..no congruency within themselves..no alignment.. poor, shrinking results that are not based in the reality of the physical plane in which we live.

Spend time each day to align yourself with your purpose- Think about the level of self you want to communication on. Speak- move- think -and act in alignment with that purpose you and you will expand. And as you expand yourself…don’t lose sight of your-self

Each day… I connect with the energy flowing through my body… I amplify it… I feel it expand outside of me…filling the room… bursting out of and trough the walls ..spilling out in to my community encompassing Los Angles(city of Angeles)..stretching far out over the Pacific ocean across the globe.. I feel my love and appreciation encompass the globe… –for just a moment–… then —i start my day…-.on purpose))))

I hope some where in the words above you able able to find even more clarity to your life’s purpose and live the life of your dreams. You are blessed and guided…Hopefully these words have reminded you of what you really already know. Thank you for reading.


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Download the Top 5 lessons I've learned after a decade of mentorship with Tony Robbins and 2 billionaires!

Download the Top 5 lessons I've learned after a decade of mentorship with Tony Robbins and 2 billionaires!

Check your email to confirm your address, my FREE guide will be on the way shortly thereafter! Thanks for subscribing!