The first thing that comes to mind when I think if Eli is his enthusiasm for this work. It is obvious that he really lives and breathes all that comes with coaching. Eli has an infectious positive attitude which was truly uplifting every time we worked together. He has amassed a wealth of information over the years, so no matter what we were working on, he was able to bring in helpful information and strategies to relate to the issue at hand.

We worked together over 8 weeks, and I was able to progress and improve in several areas of my life. With his help, I set goals in the areas of nutrition, fitness, and business and I saw real results. Eli’s coaching kept me accountable, inspired and focused as I worked on my goals and I can’t thank him enough. Truly, if you are looking for someone to help propel your life forward, Eli is your man!

Dr. Marjan Smith Madison

Working with Eli has been amazing. In two quick months I lost 17 lbs and grew my businesses exponentially. By keeping me focused on my goals I was able to achieve some amazing highs while at the same time experiencing great depth. The food plan was easy to maintain and something that I will continue for life – really taught me how to eat again – and not feel deprived, but alive and healthy. I came to look forward to our weekly phone conversations – not only for health discussion, but for business and life talks. Eli really helped me to grow my business and get through some major life events – I will be forever grateful to the time spent him and will carry his input with me for many years to come.

Scott Jones
Sr. Coordinating Producer EXTRA

Knowing that the first quarter of the last couple years did not start as I had hoped physically and in business, I decided 2015 was the year to begin working with a coach. The choice of who to work with was easy for me as I knew of Eli’s work and results from his partnership with Tony Robbins.

I am smiling so big as I write this because less than three months into being coached by Eli for a few sessions a month in the first quarter of 2015, I have already hit my ambitious mid-year earnings goal, now on pace to more than double my income, and just bought a new home in San Diego.

Also, I have implemented some key fitness and mindset strategies and it feels like I have doubled my energy and fitness levels. I am even back on a soccer team running around like I did two decades ago scoring goals and part of a team.

Thank you Eli for helping me to produce the results I knew I was capable of. Here’s to taking it to the next level this year!”

Warmest Regards,
Kevin Bowes
Broker / Realtor

As a busy entrepreneur, business owner, writer, Educational charity founder and mother of 6 children, time is my most valuable asset. Every minute spent working with Eli has carried its weight in Gold. In just 1 month of working with Eli my life has transformed entirely, we have implemented new sales and management strategies which have increased revenues. He has helped me with relationship struggles and I have lost over 12 pounds of excess weight! The transformation is phenomenal. He has an eclectic foundation of knowledge and experience which he draws upon during sessions and ensures that his clients are kept accountable. If you are lucky enough to qualify for coaching with him, then know that you are in for a journey with massive business, health and life changing results …

Marcia McKnight, London UK

If you are looking for some next level coaching for your health and body. I can recommend no one higher than Eli.

-Jason Sicneros

Hi Eli

I just wanted to say thank you one more time for you very powerful session with me. Even though it was almost six months ago it had a very transformational affect on me! You reminded me again that the biggest addiction of all is the addiction to my story. It was life-changing experience for me.I was able to rewrite my story about my family and heal relationship w some of them. I was also able to get out of my funk zone, fall back in love with myself and transform mine and my kids life. I was able to manifest accounting job that pays $15000.00 more. I enrolled intuitive consultant certification program and take clairvoyance classes. I am also writing my first book that I am convinced will transform millions of people lives. Most importantly, session w you taught me what energetically coaching is all about. In our session I felt unconditional love, self expectance and kindness. That is exactly what kind of coach I strive to be.
Thank you so much for so many powerful lessons!

-Veronica B

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